ATS – Applicant Tracking System

Candidate reporting and communication of recruitments up to date

Management is easy with information. Our recruitment system provides all the necessary information as a basis for candidate decisions. Thanks to our ATS system, you can conveniently access candidates ’backgrounds and interview reports from the same place. We also take care of GDPR responsibilities for you, as well as communicating with candidates. We strive to be as open and transparent as possible in all our activities, and to keep you informed of the progress of your search. This allows you to focus on developing your own business without worries.

Transparent processes and GDPR responsibilities

Thanks to the ATS recruitment management system we have developed, you always know the status of your project in terms of candidate interviews and reports. You will be able to follow our progress in real time and get to know the candidates we have already presented. You can also leave GDPR responsibilities to us; we will keep in touch with candidates throughout the process and obtain the necessary consents to the processing of their personal information.

An agile tool to clarify recruitment decisions - JobGo ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

The JobGo recruitment system always gives you real-time information about your projects. The digital database ensures that the presentations and selection of candidates are also successful when you are on the go. You will get up-to-date candidate presentations in an instant, and in our weekly meetings we will discuss the progress of the search and the next steps.

Creating candidate reports in a digital system also facilitates the occasional inquiry for clarification, as candidates are all available from the same place anytime, anywhere.

We serve metropolitan area-companies, listed companies, international groups, as well as companies operating in the start-up phase. Customer projects can be, for example, advertisement searches or social media searches, direct searches at the expert and manager level, or executive searches of listed companies (Executive Search). Our ATS system serves as the basis for our processes in all searches.

Manage your recruitment with these features:

– Agile and up-to-date recruitment service

– Up-to-date information to support recruitment decisions

– Digital project management anywhere, anytime

– GDPR compliant and clear presentation of candidates

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