Big Data Search Technology

More Effective Candidate Search – with Big Data and Recruitment Automation

Utilising the right candidate networks is one of the key factors for recruitment success. In our candidate searches, we employ more than 40 digital platforms and networks based on candidates’ backgrounds, expertise and interests.

While headhunters commonly use the networks provided by LinkedIn, the sole use of just one platform rarely suffices. In fact, to achieve maximal efficiency, the use of LinkedIn is not always necessary! For this reason, JobGo has developed its own Big Data -based solution that also utilizes other candidate platforms.

Our Big Data solution has access to over 40 platforms. These include Stackoverflow, GitHub, Facebook, Google+, Indeed, etc.

We have more than 1.1 million candidate profiles available in Finland, and just over 500 million worldwide. It is from these networks that the creation of the first long list begins, and the recruitment of the right candidate either nationally or internationally!

Recruitment Automation

We strive to streamline our recruitment processes by using different automation methods. Our goal is to develop our processes from a quality and efficiency perspective. With this approach, we have been able to create the most cost-effective operating model on the market which aims to recruit the best experts in any field, even in challenging cases.

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Digital Headhunting

Digital Headhunting combines the best features of job advertisement and direct search into one entity.


Employer Branding

Employer branding strengthens the short- and long-term attractiveness of your company as an employer.


Direct Search

JobGo team will find for you the best experts in the field, whether they are actively searching for a job or not.


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