Digital Headhunting

Digital Headhunting is a service that combines the best features of job advertisement and direct search into one entity.

We will be able to identify your ideal set of candidates from various social media channels in a very cost-effective way, market the position you offer to them in a targeted way, and take care of pre-qualification for applications. Digital Headhunting is many times more efficient than traditional advertisement search, and at the same time a much cheaper solution than the actual direct search.

With the Digital Headhunting service, you have access to your own consultant and a free recruitment management system, through which you can follow the progress of the search in real time and get to know the candidates conveniently. Our consultant identifies the desired target group on your behalf, handles the actual direct marketing through various channels, and keeps in touch with applicants, including pre-qualification. This leaves you with only the selection of the candidates to be invited to the actual interview, and ultimately making the decision.

If you wish, we will also conduct personal and/or aptitude assessments for candidates.

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