Direct Search Services

Good results effortlessly and efficiently with direct search.

JobGo's direct search service is for companies that want to find the best experts in the field - whether they are actively searching for a job or not. Our recruiters will find and contact the experts which best suit your wishes and expectations, and will pre-interview them for you - even before they are introduced. This way, you will only receive information about really valid candidates whose background and motive have already been checked.

After the presentation of the candidates, you can invite the most interesting experts to your own meeting. We will assist you in this if necessary, and will arrange appointments for you. If you are not completely satisfied with the candidates for the first round, we will recalibrate our search based on your feedback for the next round. Thanks to the technology we use, this is convenient and we do not waste time waiting for results.

If necessary, we will also conduct personal assessments of the candidates you want, and we will interview those people who recommends them. This allows you to focus on making the actual decision based on the results.

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