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JobGo Direct Search is the most effective method for filling roles that include certain niche-skills. We find and engage qualified professionals including those who are not actively looking for new roles.

Our partnership starts with a deep discovery of your company’s current situation, culture and talent needs. We bring to light what makes your organization and role attractive, and use this insight to spark the interest of professionals with top skills and lots of options.

Understanding the open position in terms of skills and experience along with job function helps us target the search according to your specific needs. Our consultants bring into play their sourcing capabilities and extensive networks to build a highly-qualified talent pool.

The conversation leads us to determine not only the candidate’s hard skills, but also how well their goals and values match with your company culture and vision. We guide your hiring managers through every stage of the hiring process, ensuring you are making a choice that will improve your organizational performance.

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Digital Headhunting

Digital Headhunting combines the best features of job advertisement and direct search into one entity.


Employer Branding

Employer branding strengthens the short- and long-term attractiveness of your company as an employer.


ATS – Applicant Tracking System

With JobGo’s applicant tracking system, we guarantee an easy and smooth user experience


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