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Fonecta finds passive/hidden job seekers with JobGo

Fonecta offers companies solutions for the website needs, web accessibility, advertising & sales, and analytics. There are 350 professionals in sales, production and customer service working in Fonecta’s Digital Marketing Services. JobGo has helped recruit the right people to Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Pori as media experts.

“From the beginning of 2019, I needed a partner to support our own recruitment through Talent Sourcing and screening. The traditional search process would not have worked  because of its length and lack of flexibility. JobGo's service model is customer-oriented and agile enough for this type of search. They are quick and efficient in their operations,” says Tanja Kulmala, Talent Acquisition, Fonecta's HR Business Partner.

Connecting an interested applicant and employer

Fonecta's own recruitment is focused on the search of applicants through social media, digital media, recruitment websites and the company's own website. “We also advertise our job opportunities at student events and our employees are an important recruitment channel, too. We have tried different talent sourcing models before and found that the JobGo concept is a flexible, easy and fast way to approach candidates, ” states Kulmala.

JobGo searches for candidates according to Fonecta's specifications. JobGo checks the interest and motivation of potential employees, as well as a start-up schedule, prior to meeting with Fonecta representatives. “We only get information about applicants who are really interested in us. We then interview and test them according to our usual recruitment process. We want to get to know each other in person before the selection — the role of JobGo is to bring us together, ” says Kulmala.

Finding the passive candidates

JobGo has helped recruit people for media specialist positions, both as Account Specialists and Managers. The work of a digital media salesman is focused on telemarketing and some salesmen also go to customer meetings. Fonecta wanted to focus the search on the passive applicant pool, as typically 6-8 people are needed in different locations at a time. So Fonecta was looking for more contacts than in a single person search.

Finding the right people for the job has sometimes been challenging. “The job is very solution-oriented: a media expert does not only sell one product, but needs to identify the customer's need and consider what digital advertising and media solution the customer could use in their business. The assignment requires a holistic view of which Fonecta services are best suited for the customer. Sales skills alone are not enough, we also need strong competence,” continues Kulmala.

Successful recruitment

The time limit for JobGo candidate search is tight as at the same time, Fonecta is recruiting through their own channels and applicants must be informed about the selection within a reasonable time. “JobGo has to stay in the same time frame - they get off to a brisk start with recruiting and keep in close contact with us as the process progresses. The work is as transparent as possible, and we can easily access relevant information about the candidates through the JobGo online service. I find the service reasonably cost-effective: JobGo not only identifies and contacts applicants, but also discusses our job opportunities with them ,” Fonecta's HR Business Partner continues.

The collaboration has enabled us to find applicants who would not have found Fonecta through traditional search methods. “We have found people who want to work for a company like Fonecta and fit our corporate culture. They were not looking for a new job, but JobGo contact got them interested in a new career opportunity. The candidates offered by JobGo are of high quality, and we have found good employees through them,” says Tanja Kulmala.

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