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Digital recruitment marketing

Attract top talent by building awareness and visibility around your company culture. Promote your employer brand. Increase awareness, generate interest, stand out from the crowd, and get the best candidates.



Headhunting services

Our consultants have successful experience attracting highly skilled candidates for hard-to-fill roles including technical and IT roles. We target the search according to your specific hiring criteria and needs.

In today’s competitive job market, most of the talented candidates are not actively looking for a job. We take action and engage the passive candidates. It all starts with a conversation and leads us to discover whether their next career goals match with your open position.

Executive Search

C-Level Direct Search Service (includes a 6 month guarantee).

Direct search – for a talented CEO, manager or a rare professional — at your services as well as all other options.

Why it works: Big Data and International Team

Through our own Big Data-based solution, we have been able to create the most cost-effective operating model on the market. By utilizing over 40 platforms, our automated recruitment system reaches more than 1.1 million candidates in Finland, and just over 500 million worldwide.

Our team includes experienced professionals in Europe, Japan, China, and Korea. We know their people, culture and specifics.

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Our Clients Say

  • “By their quality-price ratio, JobGo is definitely a more competitive option compared to other recruitment companies.”
    Marcus Ahlstrom
    CFO and Deputy CEO at Endomines
  • “JobGo has helped find applicants whom Fonecta would not have found through traditional search methods. The candidates offered by JobGo are of high quality and we have found good employees through them.”
    Tanja Kulmala
    Recruitment Manager, Fonecta

Find your best recruitment strategy with JobGo

Our consultants will check your goals and offer you the best strategy to reach them using JobGo solutions.

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