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JobGo in Numbers

JobGo network enables you to create relationships with potential employees.

In addition to active job seekers, you get access to list of passive candidates, giving them new opportunities for success.

20 years of experience

Candidate list in one day

+250 million hidden profiles

JobGo Has 4 Simple Steps

Step 1

You answer a few questions for the jobs profile. Afterwards we have a short discussion with the recruiting consultant to optimise the candidate selection.

Step 2

We’ll create an impressive presentation of your company to attract the top talent. Then we’ll search and select the most suitable candidates on your behalf. Free of charge.

Step 3

When you decide to proceed, a JobGo recruiter reaches out to the candidates through email and social media. If necessary, the candidate interest level can be improved with our supporting services.

Step 4

Within days JobGo will send you profile descriptions of candidates interested in your position.

Note: You only pay for the service when you decide to contact presented candidates.