Your current staff situation is uncertain and tough?

JobGo optimizes your recruitment budget by bringing you benefits equal to an internal HR department for the price of one person.

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Are you looking to balance your budget during this recession? Do you want to continue your daily recruitment obligations cost-efficiently?

JobGo offers you a solution to keep the company healthy amidst the crisis.

By using our recruitment services, you can keep your business growing despite the lack of HR staff.

What You Get With JobGo

Cost-efficient recruitment

Our services cut your recruitment expenses while managing your staffing issues

Full functionality

We do everything — search, contact, interview, check references. You just pick the candidate you like.


Agile service

We work flexibly and deliver the talents you need in a timely manner



When the future is uncertain and you need to keep on working, it is wise to optimize your work and expenses.

With JobGo you can do it painlessly

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