Outsourced recruitment

Your needs: Chief of Talent Acquisition, Recruitment Manager, Talent Acquisition Consultant, Researcher

Solution: Try JobGo's external recruitment consultant!

– As a JobGo customer, you guarantee that your company's recruitments will roll out in everyday life exactly as you want.

– We take an effective approach to planning, developing and managing your recruitment with the help of our experienced professionals.

– From us you can get a complete recruitment team at your disposal for a cost-efficient price. We take care of what one internal employee cannot do.

Rental Services: Hire a Recruitment Manager, Talent Acquisition Consultant or Researcher

Rental service is the best solution in situations where you believe you need a recruitment professional for your business for only part-time or a fixed period. With us, you can get your recruitment needs handled by a professional with just the kind of contract you want. Also, you are not left to just one person, as our consultants have a team of experts behind them.

The lease of our external consultant can also be entered into as a permanent agreement.

Director of Development Projects

Not only do we take care of your recruitment projects, but we also help with changes in the recruitment of your company. For example, we help you with projects related to the development of recruitment, the design and implementation of new processes, or the development of the company's employer branding for internal and external stakeholders. Our consultants can work for you as project managers, advisors, or, if necessary, manage the entire project independently with your own team.

– Recruitment management process mapping

– Implementation of HR and recruitment functions and competence development

– Acquisition and implementation of information systems

– Integrations with HR systems

– Organizing recruitment abroad

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