JobGo offers much more

Boost up your recruitment project with digitised headhunting.

Easy and cost-efficient recruitment

JobGo provides the quality candidates while keeping the entire cooperation convenient and transparent.

Just 4 simple steps when you are in need for new colleagues.

1. First meeting

Establishing your recruitment needs and the ideal candidate profile

Going over possible off-limit companies

Agreeing on the recruitment process and the next steps

2. Kickstarting the process

Publishing an impressive job ad and company presentation on the sites you’ve chosen

Utilizing our +250 million candidate pool through an automized process

Contacting and attracting the most promising candidates

3. Interviewing and presenting candidates

We hold initial interviews and check references for all the interested candidates

We present the most potential candidates through our easy recruitment system

4. Meeting your favourite candidates

You cherry pick the candidates you want to meet

We arrange the interviews for you and assist you through the last steps in the process

If you are interested in hiring more than one candidate we presented, you are welcome to do it for no extra charge!

Benefits of choosing us

Quality candidates

We put all our candidates through a comprehensive screening process to assess their suitability to your needs. You will only see the best matches.

Fast and reliable results

It is precisely the unique combination of Big Data and the JobGo algorithm that delivers the hard-to-find specialists you’re looking for.


If you are not satisfied with the result, we will restart the process – free of charge. If, on the other hand, you are interested to hire more than just one candidate, you can do it too – for no extra cost!

Could we become partners in recruitment?

Sometimes a relationship needs a little nudge to grow. Tell us a few things about yourself and we'll show you a lot more about us.